London Fire Department Acquires Pet Life-Saving Equipment

The London Fire Department is more equipped now than ever to save a pet’s life in a fire or emergency situation. The London Firemen’s Club has purchased three sizes of pet oxygen rescue masks for the Department.

“Pets are beloved family members too and deserve just as much care in an emergency situation as their caregivers,” said London Fire Chief Carl Hacker.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Foundation, about 40,000 pets die in residential fires each year, most form smoke inhalation, and 500,00 pets are affected overall. Warning signs of respiratory distress in pets include labored breathing or excessive panting, tongue and/or skin turning blue or purple in color, nasal discharge, coughing, or fever.

Three sizes are now available for London Firefighters to utilize on household animals size small, medium, and large.

“When homeowners are worried about the loss of their possessions or entire home because of a fire, we hope their minds can be put at ease and provided comfort in knowing we can help their pets receive a better chance at survival,” Hacker said.