How to Apply

Applications are accepted online through the following form below.

Firefighter Job Description:

The employee will be expected to perform the following job functions: Fire suppression, emergency medical response, public fire education, public relations activities, public service calls, station duties, pre-fire (incident) planning, training, basic vehicle preventive maintenance, report writing, and other duties as assigned by the Fire Chief or command staff.

  • Work 24 hours and off 48 hours
  • 14 paid holidays
  • Starting salary $30,000 + $4,000 incentive pay
  • Benefits include: Health insurance, life insurance, Kentucky Retirement Systems, vacation\holiday\sick\personal leave, career development, direct deposit, state incentive, workout facility. Additional voluntary benefits include Kentucky Deferred Compensation, Additional Life Insurance, and Supplemental Insurance


• Must be able to receive 400 training hours within one year of hire

• Applicant must be 18 years of age (or older)

• Applicant must be a United States citizen

• Applicant must have a high school diploma or equivalent

• Applicant must possess a valid Kentucky Driver’s License

• Full-time applicants must possess a CPAT Certification or can be a lateral Transfer from another career Department where they obtained a CPAT Certification before the hiring date at that department (Full-Time position only) per 739 KAR 2:090.s

The CPAT is administered by the Kentucky Fire Commission.

  •  Must be able to work towards and be eligible to obtain certification as an emergency medical technician (EMT) and paramedic in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Application Process:

• Applicant must take a written test demonstrating knowledge of the fire service.

• Applicant must successfully pass an oral interview.

• Applicant must submit to a background investigation, which will include a driver history check and criminal history.

The City of London is an Equal Opportunity Employer

The City of London Fire Department utilizes paid and volunteer staffing to accomplish its mission of fire protection. The personnel who are allowed to participate as members of the City of London Fire Department must show they are of sound mental, physical, and ethical aptitude. This is due to the fact that the City of London Fire Department’s mission of fire protection requires its members to have a high degree of public trust.