Become A Volunteer


It is encouraged to attend monthly meetings. Attendance not only builds relationships between our staff and members but also provides an opportunity to obtain training hours so you may better assist your community.

We like to see handson participation in training. This will better equip you with lifesaving knowledge and a wider skill set.

All members are held to a high standard as representatives and ambassadors of the LFD, respect and courtesy go a long way.


We offer onsite training on the 2nd & 4th Tuesday of each month. There will be more onsite special training opportunities announced throughout the year. Training are opportunities for members to receive Firefighter 1 & Firefighter 2 hours. Currently, to become a firefighter in Kentucky, you are required to have 150 FF1 hours, 400 hours for FF2 status.

There are more specialty opportunities by receiving different levels of certifications through the IFSAC (International Fire Service Accreditation Congress). Visit for more info.


All equipment will be provided to you. Equipment includes an emergency notification device, text alerts, and personal protective equipment (PPE)Based upon your area of focus, there may be additional equipment provided.

Firefighters: Interior firefighting of structures, exterior operations, driver engineer, logistics, fire prevention, preventable maintenance, etc.
Support Members: Assist firefighters in completing day to day operations such as participating in community events, supporting firefighters onscene, and help in other LFD operations.


“Quick and timely response is key to life safety and preserving property. The following is a recommended minimum standard of subjects and training hours that a new LFD member should complete prior to emergency response activity (presence on a fire scene):
A-0000 Administration & Organization (2hrs) B-0000 Safety (2hrs)
D-0000 Fire Behavior (1hr) E-0000 Extinguishers (1hr)
F-0000 Personal Protective Equipment (3hrs) G-0000 Forcible Entry (1hr)
H-0000 Ventilation (1hr) I-0000 Ropes (1hr)
J-0000 Ladders (2hrs)
K-0000 Fire Hose/Nozzles/Appliances (2hrs) M-0000 Fire Control (1hr)
N-0000 Salvage (1hr) O-0000 Overhaul (1hr)
CC-0000 Drivers Training (Private Owned Vehicle) (1hr)
= Total of 20 hours (These hours can be attributed toward college credit hours. Fifty-eight elective hours are required for certification for a volunteer firefighter.)

No experience necessary.

All costs are covered.

Must be willing to learn, train, and maintain skills to assist in all emergency situations.

Answer the call to help your community, neighbors, and family.

Let us help you become a first responder.

For questions, call (606) 864-2922.

The City of London Fire Department utilizes paid and volunteer staffing to accomplish its mission of fire protection.

The personnel who are allowed to participate as members of the City of London Fire Department must show they are of sound mental, physical, and ethical aptitude.

This is due to the fact that the City of London Fire Department’s mission of fire protection requires its members to have a high degree of public trust.