How many members are part of the London Fire Department?

Fifty members are currently part of the fire department, responding to an average of 645 calls annually. We are a Career Combination Department, which includes a paid staff of three crews with three personnel on a crew, five part-time crew members, and two paid administrative positions that allows firefighters to be at the firehouse 24/7, 365 days a year. The career staff is supplemented by a staff of trained volunteers that respond just as the career firefighters do, in a time of need.

Why do you send a fire truck along with an ambulance to a medical emergency?

Our units are dispatched on a worst-case scenario. No medical call is “routine.” Efficient care is our goal, and efficient care often is the difference between life and death.

Unfortunately, units have no way of knowing what they will encounter on a call until they arrive. They work in a “what if” and “all risk” business. Responding to the unknown is public safety.

Why do firefighters break out window and cut holes in roof during a fire?

Firefighters ventilate smoke and super heated gases for safety and visibility. This lets firefighters to get inside the building to find and extinguish the fire, thereby reducing property damage. This also reduce the chances of a back draft explosion.

How do I get a free smoke detector installed?

Together, the City of London Fire Department and the American Red Cross can PROVIDE & INSTALL smoke detectors at ZERO COST TO YOUTo schedule a visit from the Fire Department to have your free smoke detector installed, call (606) 864-2922.