London Fire Station

Carl Hacker
Fire Chief
Donnie Hale
Assistant Chief of Administration
Brandon Wagers
Captain/Fire Prevention Education
Wilson Rawlings
Deputy Fire Chief
Richard Jackson
Assistant Chief of Operations
Juhrawn Napier
Captain/Research & Development
Scottie Weaver

The mission of the City Of London Fire Department is: “To provide fire, life safety and support services that are relationship focused and results oriented” to approximately 10,000 residents.

Fire Prevention is the first priority of any fire service organization. The Fire Prevention division is the first line of defense for the citizens of this city. Public Education is designed to reach every segment of the community; starting with preschool age children, programs in public schools, nursing homes and programs for senior citizens.

The Fire Suppression segment will provide a competent, well trained contingent of personnel to be available at all times in the event of an emergency. The City of London Fire Department will provide for the distribution of fire suppression assets throughout the jurisdiction in accordance with the manpower and equipment constraints.

It is the responsibility of the City of London Fire Department to plan, develop and implement Standard Operating Guidelines for the operation of the department. The Standard Operating Guidelines shall incorporate the guidelines dictated by local ordinances, state laws, federal regulations and any other appropriate agency requirement.

It is imperative that the management of the City of London Fire Department be fiscally responsible while dealing with the assets allocated to the department. The responsibility extends to the maintenance of tools, equipment and other assets organic to the City of London Fire Department.

The City of London Fire Department highest priority is service to the residence of the city. However, in the event of an emergency situation, disaster, or the impending need of another jurisdiction in or out of the county, this department will offer mutual aid. The mutual aid will be rendered to the extent that our expertise can assist and to the degree that will not leave the citizens of the City of London unprotected.

The City of London Fire Department is committed to serving the citizens of London in an emergency or crisis situation, through management of all personnel and equipment available. The protection of life and property is the premier goal of this department.

Our Fleet

Our fleet of trucks has changed over the years with new technologies. Our most recent purchase is a 2005 E-One 114’ Bronto Skylift. The truck replaced a 1969 85’ Sutphen Aerial Truck. The following is a complete list of the trucks in our fleet:

• 2019 Ferrara Cinder MVP Pumper
• 2005 E-One 114’ Bronto Skylift
• 1987 Sutphen Pumper
• 1997 E-One Tanker Pumper
• 2000 E-One Pumper
• 1952 Mack Pumper

Our History

The City of London Fire Department began its story in August of 1922 at a City of London City Council Meeting.

The need arose after numerous fires in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries destroyed many properties in London. The first department had 11 members and a Ford truck with a 35-gallon chemical tank that was delivered in June 1927.

Through almost of all of the Fire Department’s history, the Fire Stations have primarily resided on Broad Street until the current “Station One” on Dixie Street at the old location of the First Presbyterian Church.

The new station was completed in 2004 and is a state of the art facility.

The City of London Fire Department Chiefs

• Russell Dyche [1922-1941]
• Harold DeMarcus [1941-1945]
• A.W. (Gus) Rawlings [1945-1950]
• Vince Parman [1950-1953]
• Gilmore Phelps [1953-1989]
• Wilson Rawlings [1989-1994]
• Ernest Clark [1994-2004]
• Larry VanHook [2004-2019]
• Carl Hacker [2019-Present]

The Chiefs have always tried to provide the best services to our community with undying dedication. Chief Carl Hacker continues that philosophy of striving to be the very best we can be. Our first Chief, Russell Dyche, was honored by being inducted into the Kentucky Firefighters Association Hall of Fame in 2005.

Fifty members are currently part of the fire department, responding to an average of 645 calls annually. We are a Career Combination Department, which inclues a paid staff of three crews with three personnel on a crew, five part-time crew members, and two paid administrative positions that allows firefighters to be at the firehouse 24/7, 365 days a year. The career staff is supplemented by a staff of trained volunteers that respond just as the career firefighters do, in a time of need.

Honor. Courage. Integrity.